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About this product information Kiranashop Ragi Flour also known as Red Teff Flour. Ragi, both in its whole and flour form, is still a staple ingredient throughout the southern regions of India. Ragi is thought to be one of the oldest cereals to be cultivated by man and...

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Pillsbury Chakki Atta 5kg

About this product information kiranashop. Pillsbury Chakki Atta Is 100% Complete Wheat Grain Atta With Fibre - Which Is Essential For A Healthy Digestive System - Natural Ingredients For Overall Health And Vitality, Plus Iron, Which Performs As A Carrier Of Oxygen In The Body. The...

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About this product information Kiranashop Aashirvaad Atta Regular is a popular brand of whole wheat flour, commonly known as atta, produced by Aashirvaad, a renowned Indian food brand. Atta is a staple ingredient in Indian cuisine and is used to make various traditional breads, rotis, and...

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Dawaat Basmati Rice 20kg

About this product information Kiranashop This extra long basmati rice elongates up to 2.5x post cooking. It helps you deliver the perfect presentation on the plate. Daawat: We grow our rice in the finest conditions in select parts of Northern and Central India and create this product...

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